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Donauwörth - Landsberg/Lech (100 km)

Via claudia augusta The nearly 700 km long cycle path mostly follows the ancient route of the old Roman road. From Donauwörth, the trail heads south through the foothills of the Alps. In Austria, it runs over the Fernpass, makes a small detour into Switzerland and then continues over the Reschenpass into Italy. In Trento the route forks. The first variant leads through the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea at Altino near Venice, the second leads through the Adige Valley to Verona and further to Ostiglia at the Po. We planned the 2nd variant, but after Ostiglia it should continue on the Po cycle path to Ferrara.

Via claudia augusta We parked our car at the (still) free Schwabenhallen parking lot in Donauwörth and prepared our bikes. Afterwards we circled a round in the place and at the Danube. Here at the Danube many bicycle and footpaths run together. In the evening we took up again proper food in the Golden Deer and looked forward to tomorrow. It started relaxed, despite the fact that we were untrained and wanted to ride 100 km. But after a few tours we had confidence in ourselves. It went immediately to the south, the way runs mostly through Au forests and over dirt roads, first along the Schmutter, later in the Lech valley. Pleasant to ride, hardly any inclines, very quiet in beautiful nature. At Augsburg, the bike path has now passed the old town, we considered making a detour into the city, but then decided to continue cycling. Initially further on the Lech through the forest, later alternated field paths and country roads, here and there appeared also times an idyllic swimming lake.

Shortly before Landsberg, we then drove off the Via Claudia Augusta and about 5 km to the outskirts to the accommodation. There rejected, we had to return to the old town. I still needed a quick test for Covid. And after a beverage market staff had asked me to leave because I wore the wrong mask, the mood was finally towards zero. No use, off to the medieval old town, testing, then we rewarded ourselves with a good dinner. A short walk through the small city center was worthwhile in any case, the stair-shaped Lechwehr was in bright sunshine. It had become beer garden weather 🙂.

Landsberg/Lech - Füssen (80 km)

Via claudia augusta However, that changed today, it rained most of the time. Early I lost my way several times in Landsberg to get back on the bike path. Stupid with wet touch screen if you use a GPS app. But great upgrade with other GPS devices for bikes we also did not want. Slightly uphill and far away from the Lech we then drove on paved roads to Denklingen. After that it becomes more mountainous, foothills of the Alps. In drizzly weather, the Alps were only visible from time to time in the distance. Forests and meadows alternate and the last part of the trail leads along the Forggensee to Füssen. Scenically very beautiful.

Via claudia augusta Our motel was found quickly, but closed because the attached restaurant had a day off. So we had to spend hours to, first of all, to ensure accommodation. Fortunately, there were a few tables in front of the house and above was a pool cafe. Thus the first emergency supply with radler and beer was secured. Then we were surprised by the very beautiful old town with castle, city wall and many beautiful churches. Down at the Lech we could already see what awaited us the next few days: mountains, mountains and mountains again. At the end of the day we landed in a pizzeria with a very talkative owner. Full and with bleeding ears we went back to the motel 🙂.

Via claudia augusta

Via claudia augusta

Via claudia augusta

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