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Travemünde - Helsinki

Finland and North Cape Try everything. According to the motto, this time the journey went alone through Finland and to the North Cape. With the motorhome a relaxed journey awaited me in a relaxed country. It was unusual to travel alone, originally I wanted to go to the Tour de France with Manu, but something came up. Now I was there with the booked camper and decided to use it in the vastness of Finland. About 4 hours I spent in the ferry port before my small Camper was loaded. Here the first luxury cars were in the queue already, an extended four-wheel truck and other overlong motorhomes. My goodness, do you have to take the entire household on vacation? 🙂

Finland and North Cape Less relaxed was the outward journey by ferry. I had underestimated the 1132 km and 29 hours. Because of the already high price I had no cabin, only a armchair suited for sleeping booked. On the upper deck of the Finnmaid it was chilly at night and the next day a bladder infection awaited me. The ferry was powerful and fast, so that one could go only briefly on deck, it was extremely windy. In hindsight, one is usually wiser, next time I would cross in Tallinn, especially since the Polish, Lithuanian or Estonian Baltic coasts are said to be very beautiful.

Helsinki - Espoo

Finland and North Cape After leaving the ferry I planned to stay overnight at Rastila Camping Helsinki and visit Helsinki. But there was unfortunately full and so I had to drive 30 km further to the Sun Camping Oittaa Espoo. You should get used to the speed limits in Finland right away, the fines here really hurt 😥. Therefore, the driving is also somewhat exhausting, and just enjoying the beautiful scenery is not possible. If possible, always have your speedometer in view.

Finland and North Cape Arrived at the campsite, I first walked along the lake. Here I saw people playing Discgolf for the first time, a trendy sport, which is very common here. About 20 baskets with chains stand there on the meadow, in which different Frisbee discs must be pocketed. After certain rules of course, as in golf, the one with the fewest attempts wins. Then I took the bike out for a longer tour through the extensive forest here.

Finland and North Cape

Finland and North Cape

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